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AGM Information for Season 2018/19

The Aberdeen and District Badminton League Annual General Meeting was held
at 7pm on Wed' 22nd Aug'18 in Studio 2 at Banks O'Dee, Abbotswell Road, Aberdeen, AB12 3AB

2018 AGM Agenda: Click Here
2017 AGM Minutes (Approved at 2018 AGM): Click Here
2017-18 Match Results: Click Here
2017-18 Summary of Completed Matches: Click Here
2017-18 Reduced Squad and Walkovers: Click Here
2017-18 Accounts (Approved at 2018 AGM): Click Here
2018-19 Fixtures: Click Here
2018 AGM Minutes (Draft): Click Here - to be approved at the next AGM
League Constitution, Aug 2018 (as per discussion at 2018 AGM): Click Here

Trophies were presented to last season's winning teams: photos available on Facebook

Committee for Season 2018/19

Chairman: - Steven Chappell
Secretary: - Steven Plank
Fixtures Secretary: - Jamie King
Scorecard Secretary (and website): - Ken Watson
Tournament Secretary: -Ali Swan
Committee Member: - Kim Garrett
Committee Member: - Claire Johnston

71st North East Restricted Badminton Tournament

The 71st NER Tournament was held on Saturday and Sunday, 17th and 18th November
at Kincorth Sport Centre, Corthan Crescent, Aberdeen, AB12 5BB

Men's Singles:
Winner, Steven Chappell / Runner Up, Sam Muir

Men's Doubles Handicap:
Winners, Sam Muir and Cameron Strachan / Runners Up, Jamie King and Johnny Milne

Mixed Doubles Handicap:
Winners, Neil Maclean and Claire Wishart / Runners Up, Dixie Crawford and Steven Plank

Men's Doubles:
Winners, Jacob Reynolds and Ryan Clunie / Runners Up, Nicol Webster and Steven Chappell

Ladies Doubles:
Winners, Helena Lewcynska and Eilidh Smart / Runners Up, Lindsey Ireland and Maria Leith

Mixed Doubles:
Winners, Helena Lewcynska and Tom Lambert / Runners Up, Ryan Clunie and Eilidh Smart

Scorecards and info' for Season 2018/19

Scorecards; Mens+Mixed Scorecard and Ladies Scorecard (both are 90k Excel - XLS)
These spreadsheets automatically total up the Rubbers, Games and Points ...
Guide to the order that games should be played (in two or three court halls)

Please send completed scorecards to either of the following email addresses (both go to the same place);

Please Note:- If scorecards are sent in but are not processed within one week then please alert me!

Day-to-day "stuff" that gets updated whenever a match is played, Last Rev' 21st Dec'18:
Fixtures, Results and Tables - all the Rubbers, Games and Points from 'cards get entered here
Summary of Completed Matches - how this season is progressing (and previous seasons)
Nominated 1st Team Players - and 2nd team, etc., if appropriate (no players can play "down")
Walkovers and Reduced Squad Matches - where two couples are fielded (Mixed or Men's)

Club Information, Last Rev' 13th Dec'18:
Official Club and Match Secretary Contacts (any changes - please let Ken Watson know)
All the email / phone contact information for each Club - plus playing costs (nightly / match / annual)
Note that some clubs are fully subscribed - contact the secretary before attending a session as a visitor.
All the Clubs, arranged by day
All the Clubs arranged by day of the week - especially useful if you are looking for somewhere new to play
Locations/Maps for the Clubs (most details are now confirmed)
Maps showing the locations of all the local venues - and a rough idea of which door to use! (4Mb PDF)
Halls to Hire - if you are looking for a one-off-court to play on in Aberdeen or the 'Shire

This Season's Tournaments and Miscellaneous other Dates to Remember:
17th Nov'18 - 71st North East Senior and U19 Restricted Tournament (at Kincorth Sports Centre)
25th Nov'18 - Trip to Scottish Open Grand Prix Finals Day, Emirates Arena, Glasgow
16th Feb'19 - North East Junior Restricted Tournament U13/U15/U17 (at Kincorth Sports Centre)
15th + 22nd Mar'19 - Aberdeen and District League Club Doubles Tournament (at Kincorth Sports Centre)
29th Mar'19 - Aberdeen and District League Play Offs (at Kincorth Sports Centre)
30th + 31st Mar'19 - North of Scotland Junior Badminton Championships U13/U17 (at Aberdeen Sports Village)

Copies of the emailed Scorecards for Season 2017/18
Season Total = 173 matches by 37 teams (14 Clubs)

MIXED DOUBLES DIV' 1  30 matches by 6 teams
21/09/18 Fetteresso B            0-9 Westhill  Injury + ran out of time
21/09/18 Fetteresso A            6-3 Granite City (Card from Granite City)
23/09/18 Granite City A          1-8 Westhill Played 9th Nov'
03/10/18 Westhill                7-2 Granite City 
05/10/18 Racquets                6-3 Banchory
05/10/18 Fetteresso A            8-1 Fetteresso B Fett'B 2 couples
Granite City A vs Fetteresso B - 21st Oct - ???
Fetteresso B vs Banchory - 26th Oct - ???
26/10/18 Racquets                7-2 Granite City
07/11/18 Westhill                8-1 Racquets 
Banchory vs Fetteresso A - 9th Nov' - ???
-----------------17th Nov', North East Restricted----------------
23/11/18 Banchory                3-6 Westhill Played 12th Dec'
30/11/18 Fetteresso A            2-7 Westhill 
30/11/18 Fetteresso B            3-6 Racquets 
30/11/18 Banchory                5-4 Granite City
07/12/18 Racquets                0-9 Fetteresso A
09/12/18 Granite City A          6-3 Racquets 

--------------------------Festive Break--------------------------

Westhill vs Banchory - 20th Feb'19 - School Closure, so will now be 13th Feb'
-------------------15th/22nd Mar', Club doubles------------------
-----------29th Mar', Date for Play offs (if relevant)-----------

MIXED DOUBLES DIV' 2  20 matches by 5 teams 
Granite City B matches removed 13th Sept'
12/10/18 University              8-1 ASV  Scorecard Revised
20/10/18 ASV                     8-1 RGU
26/10/18 RGU                     0-9 University
31/10/18 Insch                   5-4 ASV Played 18th Nov'
05/11/18 Glen Ythan              9-0 ASV
07/11/18 Insch                   2-7 University Played 4th Nov'
ASV v University - 10th Nov' - Rescheduled to 18th Jan'19 
-----------------17th Nov', North East Restricted----------------
RGU vs Insch - 23rd Nov' - ???
Glen Ythan vs RGU - 26th Nov' - ???
University vs Insch - 7th Dec' - ???
--------------------------Festive Break--------------------------
-------------------15th/22nd Mar', Club doubles------------------
-----------29th Mar', Date for Play offs (if relevant)-----------

MEN'S DOUBLES DIV' 1  30 matches by 6 teams 
25/09/18 Aberdeenshire           1-8 Racquets A
Fetteresso A vs Aberdeenshire - 28th Sep - Postponed (Aberdeenshire no team)
30/09/18 Granite City A          2-7 Racquets A
Fetteresso B vs Fetteresso A - 7th Oct' - ???
10/10/18 Westhill                8-1 Fetteresso B Played 5th Dec', Fet'B Injury
28/10/18 Granite City A          3-6 Westhill
28/10/18 Fetteresso B            3-6 Aberdeenshire
31/10/18 Westhill                9-0 Aberdeenshire
02/11/18 Fetteresso A            6-3 Fetteresso B Fett'B 2 couples
06/11/18 Aberdeenshire           4-5 Fetteresso A
11/11/18 Fetteresso B            6-3 Granite City A
14/11/18 Westhill                8-1 Fetteresso A
15/11/18 Racquets A              7-2 Fetteresso B
-----------------17th Nov', North East Restricted----------------
22/11/18 Racquets A              4-5 Westhill
23/11/18 Fetteresso A            9-0 Granite City A
29/11/18 Racquets A              8-1 Granite City A Racquets A, Injury
02/12/18 Granite City A          3-6 Aberdeenshire Played 16th Nov'
--------------------------Festive Break--------------------------
Westhill vs Racquets A - 23rd Jan'19 - Rescheduled to 13th Mar'19
-------------------15th/22nd Mar', Club doubles------------------
-----------29th Mar', Date for Play offs (if relevant)-----------

MEN'S DOUBLES DIV' 2  30 matches by 6 teams
14/09/18 ABA A                   7-2 Glen Ythan A
16/09/18 Granite City B          3-6 Racquets B
21/09/18 Banchory                6-3 Racquets B Played 2nd Nov'
28/09/18 Banchory                6-3 Granite City B
05/10/18 University              0-9 ABA A
08/10/18 Glen Ythan A            2-7 Racquets B
12/10/18 ABA A                   3-6 Racquets B
14/10/18 Granite City B          9-0 University Played 18th Nov'
01/11/18 Racquets B              9-0 University
02/11/18 ABA A                   7-2 University
08/11/18 Racquets B              6-3 Granite City B
University vs Glen Ythan A - 9th Nov' - ???
11/11/18 Granite City B          5-4 ABA A
Banchory v University - 16th Nov - Postponed 
-----------------17th Nov', North East Restricted----------------
19/11/18 Glen Ythan A            1-8 ABA A
Glen Ythan A vs Granite City B - 3rd Dec' - Postponed (by Glen Ythan)
06/12/18 Racquets B              2-7 ABA A Played 13th Dec' (Revised)
07/12/18 ABA A                   5-4 Banchory
--------------------------Festive Break--------------------------
-------------------15th/22nd Mar', Club doubles------------------
-----------29th Mar', Date for Play offs (if relevant)-----------

MEN'S DOUBLES DIV' 3  42 matches by 7 teams 
14/09/18 Ladies Elite            6-3 ASV
26/09/18 Insch                   0-9 Ladies Elite 
28/09/18 ABA B                   5-4 71 Club  Scorecard Revised
01/10/18 Glen Ythan B            8-1 Insch 
06/10/18 ASV                     3-6 ABA B  Rec'd 29/10 - match ran out of time
10/10/18 Insch                   2-7 ASV  Played 11th Nov'
12/10/18 Ladies Elite            7-2 71 Club
12/10/18 RGU                     5-4 Glen Ythan B 
19/10/18 Ladies Elite            6-3 RGU Long match: 8 x three setters!
ABA B vs Glen Ythan B - 19th Oct' - Rescheduled to 1st Feb'19 (GYB no team)
24/10/18 Insch                   2-7 RGU  Played 21st Oct'
24/10/18 71 Club                 5-4 ASV 
27/10/18 ASV                     3-6 Ladies Elite  Played 15th Dec'
03/11/18 ASV                     3-6 RGU
09/11/18 RGU                     5-4 ABA B 
12/11/18 Glen Ythan B            4-5 ABA B 
12/11/18 71 Club                 4-5 Ladies Elite
16/11/18 RGU                     4-5 Ladies Elite 
-----------------17th Nov', North East Restricted----------------
21/11/18 Insch                   0-9 Glen Ythan B  Played 25th Nov'
23/11/18 ABA B                   8-1 ASV 
RGU vs 71 Club - 30th Nov' - ???
Glen Ythan B v Ladies Elite - 10th Dec' - Rescheduled to 11th Mar'19
71 Club vs Insch - 10th Dec' - Possible Claim or Reschedule
--------------------------Festive Break--------------------------
01/02/19 ABA B                   6-3 Ladies Elite  Played 1st Nov'

-------------------15th/22nd Mar', Club doubles------------------
-----------29th Mar', Date for Play offs (if relevant)-----------

LADIES DOUBLES   21 matches by 7 teams
20/09/18 Racquets                0-3 Westhill Played 29th Nov'
21/09/18 Banchory                0-3 Racquets  Played 10th Oct'
Banchory vs Insch - 28th Sep - Postponed (Insch no team)
30/09/18 Fetteresso              3-0 Granite City
03/10/18 Insch                   0-3 Racquets
07/10/18 Granite City            3-0 University  Card Rec'd 7th Nov'
19/10/18 University              0-3 Banchory Played 16th Nov'
02/11/18 University              3-0 Insch 
04/11/18 Granite City            3-0 Banchory Played 25th Nov'
-----------------17th Nov', North East Restricted----------------
Westhill v University - 21st Nov' - Rescheduled to 16th Jan'19
25/11/18 Granite City            0-3 Westhill Played 2nd Dec'
Fetteresso vs Insch - 2nd Dec' - ???

--------------------------Festive Break--------------------------
Banchory v Fetteresso - 11th Jan' - Postponed (by Banchory)
-------------------15th/22nd Mar', Club doubles------------------