Ken Watson

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Curriculum Vitae;
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1985 - 1988, Engineering Surveys Reproduction LTD

CAD using Robocom 1500e software on an Apple IIE;
All are JPG's, between 0.5 and 0.8MB.

Initial work was just Loop Diagrams for BritOil;
Loop Diagram example 01 (0.6Mb JPG)
Loop Diagram example 02 (0.6Mb JPG)

Once the possibilities of CAD was appreciated, the work moved on to include;
Battery Layout (Britoil) (0.6Mb JPG)
Tree Configuration (FMC) (0.6Mb JPG)
Beatrice Platform (Britoil) (0.6Mb JPG)

Manual Draughting;

Sequence Stratigraphy (BP) (0.6Mb JPG)