Portlethen Moss; (Proposed) Local Nature Reserve
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Although the new path laid this year (Mar/Apr'07) is suitable for all types of user, cyclists, wheelchairs, prams etc (but NOT Mini-Moto-Bikes), the rest of the path system is really only suitable for walkers. Much of these other paths are just on peat or grass and can be quite narrow (and wet, depending on time of year) - so it may be possible that a lot of damage could be done by "wheeled" users.
We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Yellow Arrows show access points, Blue Rectangles are Bridges,
Light Blue Blobs shows new path Layout (Mar/Apr 2007),
Red Blobs show alternative, extra route.

Access Points are;
1. - South entrance off Bruntland Road
2. - Middle entrance off Myrtle Terrace
3. - North E. entrance off Broomfield Park

The extra route, on the whole, has good paths,
but the section from Broomfield to Myrtle can be quite wet!

To go from the Bruntland access point, all the way around
the red route and back again can take up to an hour!

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